A proven and integrated recruitment process

The Process
Alfa IT Recruitment offer clients access to a proven and integrated recruitment process that has resulted in many satisfied candidates and clients. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver practical, high value results under tight deadlines.

Alfa IT Recruitment can provide reporting if required to support the complete selection process. These reports can provide such information as number of candidates short-listed, number of telephone and face-to-face interviews conducted, test results and references supplied and progression of the offer process.cular value if recruitment campaigns are covering more than one region.

Matching the requirement
Alfa IT Recruitment applies two methods when selecting candidates. The initial process is called the Network Search. This is where we explore our own unique database for preferred applicants. The Network Search provides a unique portfolio of all candidates, including previous experience and references, which then allows us to place those individuals with the most suitable companies.

In the unusual circumstance where the Network Search doesn’t provide the required match, we will use alternative search methods. These include our extensive on-line resources which give us access to the full profiles of more than 200,000 candidates. We can also advertise roles online, allowing us to target candidates by location, availability and skill set.


Weather you are looking to brighten your prospects or simply move career, just fill in the form and upload your CV and we will be in touch.

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